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Danielle Jacquinot
Born in 1943 in Paris

Danielle Jacquinot did courses in drawing and modeling with a live model at Les arts appliqués in Paris. After twenty years in Southern France in 1987 she moved to The Netherlands, where she lives and works since then. She did the Vrije Akademie in Delft and Den Haag and worked in several workshops where she developed her modeling of stone.

Danielle has an unlimited affection in mankind and is fascinated by the perfection of the body. In clay, stone and bronze she translates a sensible life in  statues. They express tenderness, desire, sensuality and mystic. In that way she tells with her humour and strength about the woman and the life in all its forms. Danielle finds her inspiration in that, what life gives to us to love.

Ordered work:

Chirurgien, Delftstede, Delft, The Netherlands
trophy, Chirurgien, Delftstede, Delft
trophy Cicero, NRC and Holland Debate,
Den Haag
trophy Allochtone Vrouwen en Meisjes,
Den Haag